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Photos and videos documenting my work

I have created the official video for this beautiful track by artist Rumpistol:
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New interactive browser based music video

Valley of Uncanny #01 is a music video created in WebGL“Valley Of Uncanny #01″ is an interactive animation with music by Zack Christ that explores the relationship between visual and musical rhythms, glitches and distortions. The animation is a part of a series of different virtual sculptures I made of human bodies and faces. Often in [...]
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Lost In Uncanny Valley

That’s what I call my current visual explorations. There’s something endlessly fascinating to me in these 3D humanoid characters and their movements so I will definitely continue to explore this theme through animations, VJ performances etc. Here’s a few animated GIFs (I hope they play in your browser) plus a video from a recent performance [...]
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Concrete forest

Concrete Forest – an art project that turned into a party from Obscura on Vimeo. The video shows the result of a fun little project we did in collaboration with artist Louise Bech Pedersen. We cut out these animal figures of a special acrylic rear projection material and used them for mapping using Modul8 and MadMapper. Doing [...]
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Using Unity3D for mapping

video installation “Another place” from Obscura on Vimeo. The above video documents a recent project Obscura did. Actually I was mostly on another project at the time but I followed with great interest the work that my colleagues Frederik and Kasper did here. For all of us this installation was a learning experience in using Unity [...]
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Two months of work and 75 minutes later

For the past two months my work day has been dedicated to a project that I am very proud of. Our visuals group Obscura was asked by Danish band TV-2 to create a visual backdrop for their new tour. TV-2 is a household name here in Denmark, they have been in the studio and on [...]
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Orchidelia – miniature mapping

Here’s a short segment I did with a video projector and an orchid – not an image of an orchid but a real live house plant. I projected images made with eMotion and the Quartz Composer Soundflower patch onto the petals of the flower.
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A happy turn of events

Thought I would briefly let you all know that I have now become a full time visualist. Until recently I had a part time job as a web developer to support my crazy addiction to visuals, but a happy turn of events have allowed me to dedicate myself fully to visual projects from now on. This [...]
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New music video for Nattefrost

The Danish act Nattefrost have asked me to create a music video for one of his latest tracks. Instead of just copying the visuals I use when performing with him live I decided to try and do something else. I came up with this idea of filming miniature projections. Have a look. The track is taken [...]
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Developing visuals synced to a music composition

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Edsjö a classically trained percussionist and composer Simon Christensen in developing visuals for a piece of modern compositional music. The project was unusual for me as we decided to try to connect the visuals computer with the computer that was running the musical backing track. [...]
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    Vibeke Bertelsen is a visual artist based in Copenhagen who specializes in motion graphics and video projections for live music and other events. Per 2010 I am a part of the group called Obscura working full time doing large scale visuals and video installations. Contact me on

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